I have spent more than 20 years administering Linux servers for my own and others' purposes, and then building software on top of them. I've learned the ins and outs of domain registrars, DNS and email systems, firewalls, databases, and webservers. Meanwhile, I've gone from custom-built PHP/MySQL applications to full-fledged Content Management Frameworks like Drupal, always pursuing the opensource ethose to contribute. I've watched the web evolve into the primary interface most people have with the Internet, and explored many of the various web-based systems, implementing ecommerce sites, re-architecting large websites, managing large scale data migrations, and developing user-focused accessible and usable interface design.

As a student of cognitive science, I have maintained an interest in this area as terms like AI and neuroscience have become commonplace. I am also keenly interested in human learning, development, and how we model technology to support, enhance and uplift humanity.

I have had many excellent opportunities to work with small- to medium-sized social mission organizations (ie. non-profits, NGOs, advocacy and activist groups), bringing a range of technology support, development, and strategy skills mixed with a strong progressive political analysis. Almost 15 years ago I co-founded a Worker-Owned Co-operative to collectivize my efforts to support this kind of work, and subsequently joined the nascent IT department of a larger non-profit, leading web architecture and development for IT projects across the organization.

More recently I've continued to deepen my skills in infrastructure and operations, building out architectures using newer DevOps tools and techniques. In parallel, I've found myself delving into other web tools like Grav CMS and Hugo as well as playing with javascript frameworks like React and NodeJS in conjunction with Drupal's ever-expanding capabilities. On top of all of that, I've become intensely interested in projects like SoLiD as a piece of the puzzle addressing fundamental questions of self-sovereign identity, privacy, security, and personal data ownership.